Teacher exchange between Lund University and College of Science and Technology (3)

In connection with various teacher exchanges, I have often thought about how relatively similar architectural education is around the world. The same goes for Bhutan. The students are faced with similar architectural issues as the Swedish students. However, there is a big difference, which has to do with the development the country is facing. Bhutan has been modernized for a few decades in a way that may not be equivalent in any other country. Key issues here are about for example energy supply and housing standard (linked to comfort and health). At the same time, Bhutan has a unique architectural heritage, which must be taken into account in all rebuilding and new construction in the country. A positive experience from my teacher exchange is that Bhutanese are generally very aware of their cultural heritage. Therefore, there is every reason to be positive about the country’s reflective attitude on development issues, while at the same time collaborations in different project forms continue.

Lars-Henrik Ståhl, Professor

Lars-Henrik Ståhl and students

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