My Teaching experience at Lund (From Bhutan)

Thank you Erasmus+ ICM (International Credit Mobility) for giving me an opportunity to visit LUND University, Sweden is a beautiful country.  My exchange to Lund in late 2018 was wonderful and amazing; to a new place, a new culture and a new classroom.  Staff were friendly and, students were curious and inspired.

I had couple of lectures and practical class on ‘The Solar PV systems’ with architect students, a mixed of graduates from Europe and Asia.  I was bit nervous at first, the hall was quiet, and I went on, I was surprised to see the class were so attentive which I presumed otherwise.  At the end of my lecture, we had open discussion, students were honest and forward in clarifying their doubts. It was indeed a student-centered learning.

Though my exchange was short and intensive, it was really refreshing and exciting, I could find difference in education system and culture, which in fact added values to my teaching career, Thank you once again.

Cheku Dorji

Lecturer in Electrical Engineering Programme, College of Science and Technology, Royal University of Bhutan.

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