World Dendro 2018 in Bhutan

In June, approximately 150 delegates from 35 countries gathered in Bhutan to discuss the latest research in the field of dendrochronology, using information (mainly annual rings) from trees to describe changes in the environment and climate back in time, but also to evaluate how changes in climate and the environment have affected tree growth today.

The World Congress, World Dendro, is held every four years, and after a vote on the venue for  the 2018 Congress, the 10th in the scheme, the proposal  to hold it in Bhutan won a landslide victory. The proposal came from Paul Krusic at Cambridge University (formerly in Stockholm) and Professor Ed Cook at Columbia University, supported also by the University of Stockholm and University of Gothenburg, both with long experience (since 2002) of working in Bhutan,  through research and in training Bhutanese students.

Hans Linderholm, Professor of Physical Geography, University of Gothenburg, was one of the co-organizers of the Congress.

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