About us

The Swedish Bhutan Society

The society is a meeting place for people in Sweden who, for different reasons, are interested in the small and remote Himalayan Kingdom, its people, its rich culture and its yet virgin nature and magnificent landscape and natural attributes. We strive to promote and facilitate contacts and collaborations between Bhutan and Sweden.

Some of our members have lived and worked in Bhutan, others have been there as tourists. All of us share a common interest in the future of Bhutan.

Through our newsletter, Druk Yul, which is published four times annually, we spread information about Bhutan. The newsletter is available in the libraries of the major Swedish universities.  Our programme includes meetings and lectures.

We are self-financing and we welcome new members!

We also welcome all Bhutanese coming to Sweden to contact us!

Contact us through our chairman Alf Persson at swedishbhutansociety@gmail.com